Setting up assignment briefing to understand the requirements of clients. Prioritize the key expertise and accountabilities of right candidates
Sourcing candidates by various means: Database matching, research, advertising and most important of all, we talk to the professionals to get more names and referral
Setting up of face-to-face interview to meet the right candidates after initial phone screening. All the researchers are well trained to fast screen high caliber candidates and set up interviews for our experience consultants
Advising both the client and candidates in a neutral & professional manner. Let them have a better understanding about the job market and possible career development
Shortlisting and presenting candidates in a fast and accurate manner
Reference Check
Ensuring candidates are of good will in the industry
Offer Negotiation
Creating win-win situation for both clients and candidates. Conduct reference checks whenever it is required
Post Placement Care
Ensuring candidates accept and on-board on time and are happy with the job